How to Change Your Story and Transform Your Life with Duro Oye

How to Change Your Story and Transform Your Life with Duro Oye


Duro Oye: Empowering Young People to Change Their Lives

Duro Oye, a social entrepreneur and award-winning CEO, is on a mission to help young people, especially young men, who have faced similar challenges as he did. Growing up, Duro realized that there were limited resources available to guide individuals who were caught up in difficult situations. He wanted to show them that there is an alternative path to success. Duro’s inspiration comes from his desire to provide support and opportunities to those who need it the most.

Duro is the founder and CEO of 2020 Change, a leading social enterprise focused on promoting diversity and inclusion in the UK workforce. Through training programs, mentorship, and career support, Duro empowers young black professionals to excel in their careers. His dedication to the community and his commitment to excellence drive him to create lasting change for these individuals.

In addition to his work with 2020 Change, Duro is a talented storyteller who uses the medium of documentary filmmaking to give a voice to marginalized youth. He has collaborated with renowned broadcasters such as the BBC and Channel 5 to bring important stories to life. With a degree in Graphics and Advertising, a diploma in Documentary Filmmaking, and qualifications as a mind-set coach, Duro brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work.

2020 Change is a social enterprise that shares Duro’s vision of promoting diversity and inclusion in the UK workforce. The organization provides training programs, mentorship, and career support to empower young black professionals. Through these initiatives, 2020 Change aims to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the UK. The flagship program, “I AM CHANGE,” is a 12-week course that focuses on self-awareness, vision, persistence, and dignity. It covers essential topics like financial literacy, digital skills, and mindfulness, which are often overlooked in traditional education systems.

Transparency and excellence are at the core of 2020 Change’s values. The organization’s dedication to these principles has earned it numerous awards and recognition as a leader in the field of diversity and inclusion.

Duro’s journey into social entrepreneurship began with his passion for acting. Despite his determination and seriousness about pursuing a career in acting, his mother wanted him to attend university instead. As is common with many of our guests on Everyday Leadership, Duro’s story unfolds in this episode. Tune in to find out whether his mother’s wish came true or if Duro followed his

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