How to Embrace Change and Overcome Fear in Life with Alice Evans

How to Embrace Change and Overcome Fear in Life with Alice Evans


Parenting in a different culture is like being in a training ground, shaping us to become better versions of ourselves. It challenges us to let go of what we thought was acceptable and embrace new perspectives. It’s a lesson we may sometimes wish to skip, but it’s one that ultimately leads to growth and transformation. – Alice Evans

Sope is joined by his good friend, Alice Evans, a Brit living in Amsterdam, a parent of two teenagers, and an upcoming host of the podcast Pleasuring Myself. Alice has a rich and unique background, having worked as a team coach and a visiting fellow at Oxford University’s Skoll Center for Social Innovation. But most importantly, she is someone who is trying to enjoy life. In this conversation, we dive deep into her past, exploring what made her who she is today. Alice shares her childhood experiences, including the loss of her mother at nine years old, and how they shaped her perception of uncertainty and complexity. We also learn about her teenage years, including her first clubbing experience at 13 and the moment when she could have gone down the wrong path but made a conscious decision not to. Throughout it all, Alice demonstrates her wit and humor, making this conversation both informative and entertaining. So sit back, relax, and join us as we delve into the life of Alice.

Who is Alice Evans?

Alice is a passionate and experienced systems coach with a deep commitment to social justice and climate change. With her extensive background in leading efforts to bring about systems change and equity, Alice is a skilled facilitator and coach to top teams. Her focus is on creating spaces for individuals, teams, and organisations to explore the visible and invisible forces that shape their behavior and impact. With her systems thinking, design thinking, and power and equity-informed processes, Alice can gently and compassionately guide individuals and teams toward the change they need. Whether working with executives or frontline staff, Alice’s approach is non-judgmental and inclusive. When she’s not working, you can find Alice swimming or paddleboarding with her children in the beautiful lakes and canals near her home in Amsterdam.

Alice Evans correlation of joy and pleasure

Alice believes that sometimes we overlook the small things that bring us joy and pleasure, and instead focus on big extraordinary events. On her upcoming podcast, Alice asks her guests to list 50 things that they enjoy doing every day, as a way of reframing how we view everyday things. She also shares a personal moment with

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