How to Find Your Inner Strength and Let It Shine with Donald Thompson

How to Find Your Inner Strength and Let It Shine with Donald Thompson


Sometimes people have a mixed view of money. But everything we want to do in this world requires money. Take care of family, give to your church or religious organisation, be able to further the education of your kids and family. They all require money.

Donald Thompson is a CEO, speaker, investor, advisor, entrepreneur, and executive coach with 20 years of experience in business growth. He learned the values of teamwork, strategy, and success from his father who was a football coach. Donald has an optimistic outlook and is a competitive learner who helps executives apply new tools and thinking to improve their management skills and capabilities for the changing business environment. As a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), Donald currently serves as CEO & Co-founder of The Diversity Movement, where he focuses on uniting DEI objectives with business objectives and pushing organizational boundaries towards cultural transformation.

The Diversity Movement (TDM) disrupts the diversity training industry with its innovative approach to DEI. Originally launched as an eLearning organization in 2019, TDM has quickly evolved into a full-service consultancy, assisting over 100 clients in turning DEI into a business growth strategy.

Donald’s journey has been diverse and guided by his mother’s advice to always ask why and that he can achieve anything he dreams of with hard work and determination. He developed a sense of direction by wanting to have choices and financial independence. With a background in sports, Donald learned the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and agility. Although he didn’t have a clear path, he was motivated by financial wealth, having friends from all walks of life, and learning from his experiences in college football. While he transitioned from sports to business, the lessons he learned from athletics stayed with him. As for his definition of “enough” financial wealth, you’ll have to listen to find out!

Key leadership learning moments in this episode include:

– 01m24s: Young Donald and his mother’s two big lessons.
– 11m25s: Donald’s order of prioritization.
– 23m37s: Sports and communication.
– 31m46s: Showing commitment to change.
– 43m07s: Putting things into context.
– 55m33s: How Donald defines leadership?

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