Navigating Masculinity and Overcoming Shame with Alex Holmes

Navigating Masculinity and Overcoming Shame with Alex Holmes


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Alex Holmes is an award-winning podcaster and journalist, hailing from London with Caribbean heritage. After spending his early twenties traveling, Alex returned to the UK only to find himself lacking friends, moving back in with his parents, and starting a new career as a journalist. Unfortunately, he experienced covert racism in his job, which left him feeling alienated and affected his confidence and self-esteem. In order to overcome these challenges, Alex sought therapy and learned to rewrite his narrative, ultimately becoming his own friend.

With five years of experience as a journalist, Alex decided to train as a health coach and therapist to assist others with their emotional well-being. Drawing inspiration from his love for Harry Potter, Alex incorporates its themes into his therapeutic work. His interest in psychology stems from his own experiences as a Black man navigating complex relationships in the UK. Through his Mindful Man Podcast and The Mindful Man platform, Alex shares his ideas on mental and physical health, as well as emotional well-being. He invites others to join him on this journey and meet him where they are.

One of Alex’s goals is to help men overcome societal expectations and myths surrounding masculinity, which often hinder emotional connection. He authored “Time To Talk: How Men Think About Love, Belonging, and Connection” and hosts the You Should Probably Read This podcast, where he recommends books to improve mental health.

Alex’s approach involves incorporating existential philosophy to emphasize personal agency, freedom, and authenticity. He also utilizes bibliotherapy and mindfulness techniques to aid clients in reconnecting with their true selves, enhancing emotional intelligence, and finding a sense of purpose.

Alex’s work has been featured in esteemed media outlets such as British GQ, The Metro, Happiful, The Guardian, and The Good Men Project.

Here are some key moments from Alex’s journey to self-discovery:

– Alex’s Childhood – 00:02:53:17
– Alex’s Aha Moment – 00:08:32:11
– Alex Breaking the Status Quo! – 00:11:46:10
– Definition of Masculinity – 00:14:55:15
– Andrew Tate/Jordan Peterson – 00:20:26:03
– Pain Points of Men – 00:22:20:09
– Men and Relationship with Shame – 00:27:26:09
– Expectations vs

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