Taking Control of Your Worth: How to Stop Letting Others Define You with Ngozi Cadmus

Taking Control of Your Worth: How to Stop Letting Others Define You with Ngozi Cadmus


Introducing Ngozi Cadmus: A Leader in Mental Health & Leadership

Ngozi Cadmus is a powerhouse in the field of Mental Health & Leadership. As a renowned Psychotherapist, Business Coach, and CEO & Founder of Frontline Coaching and Frontline Therapist, Ngozi is making waves in tackling the stigma of mental health in the black community, improving access to therapy, and empowering black women in leadership.

Her companies provide cutting-edge, data-driven EDI and well-being solutions that shape business strategies, policies, and decision-making practices.

Ngozi’s dedication to inclusivity is further evident in her affordable and accessible culturally sensitive online counseling services for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Individuals and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. But Ngozi’s impact doesn’t stop there. She is also a trailblazer in coaching women of faith to become leaders in their respective industries, helping them build and scale up their coaching and wellness businesses.

Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the success factors of Black women leaders in British companies, using a critical realist and intersectional lens, is pushing the boundaries of knowledge. With testimonials lauding her impactful workshops, strong well-being culture, and unwavering support for black women in tech, Ngozi is a force to be reckoned with.

Get ready to be inspired by her unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ngozi’s Journey to Self-discovery

Ngozi’s journey of self-discovery has been nothing short of inspiring. She has come to realize her worth and has shed the need for validation from others. No longer caring about what others think of her, she has learned to stand up for herself and articulate her thoughts with unwavering confidence when faced with disrespect.

Through her experiences, Ngozi has also come to acknowledge the lack of support for black women in dealing with racial bullying and the challenges of communicating in different environments. She understands the struggle to find one’s voice, whether it be in a work situation or in other areas of life. But she doesn’t stop there.

Ngozi is a firm believer in finding spaces where one can express their voice and gain support, and then using the skills and resources from those spaces to articulate oneself in other environments. She recognizes the importance of agency and the need for both internal and external work in finding and using one’s voice.

Ngozi’s definition of leadership goes beyond the traditional notions of it. She sees leadership in three

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