Why Choosing Joy is More Important Than Chasing Happiness with Vanessa Belleau

Why Choosing Joy is More Important Than Chasing Happiness with Vanessa Belleau


Vanessa Belleau: Making a Positive Impact Through Coaching, Consulting, and Branding

Vanessa Belleau is a multi-talented professional who is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. As an EMCC Accredited Executive Coach, Diversity + Inclusion & Belonging Consultant, future-focused Researcher, Brand Consultant, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, and Marketing & Branding Consultant, Vanessa brings a wealth of expertise to her work. Her main objective is to help individuals and brands focus on what truly matters. With her unique blend of mathematical and magical approaches to insights, strategy, and storytelling, Vanessa provides clients with powerful and validated insights that ignite passion and humor.

Having worked with over 60 different brands, including Gymshark and the LVMH Fashion Group, as well as smaller businesses, charities, and individuals, Vanessa has gained a wealth of experience. She has also established her own company, Highfifteen ltd, to collaborate with more brands on exciting projects. Her focus is on creating diverse workplaces and implementing inclusive business strategies that make employees and consumers feel a sense of belonging.

Born in Paris and currently living in London for over 15 years, Vanessa is fluent in both French and English. This allows her to effectively communicate with clients from various countries and cultures, making her work truly global.

The Journey of High Fifteen

Prior to launching Highfifteen, Vanessa had the privilege of working at the Walt Disney Company for EMEA as the Head of Fashion + Home Shopper Trade Marketing. During her time there, she created and managed marketing programs with renowned partners such as Adidas, Primark, C&A, H&M, Loewe, and Pandora. Additionally, she co-founded and co-chaired the first Black, Asian, and Ethnic Minorities affinity group in the UK & IRL.

High Fifteen was created to address a crucial business need: combining strategy, insights, enthusiasm, and practicality while keeping people at the forefront. Vanessa believes in building meaningful and genuine relationships based on trust, curiosity, excellent communication, and empathy. By leveraging her resourcefulness, knowledge, energy, and positive outlook, she inspires others to recognize their strengths and discover new strategic opportunities.

Key Leadership Learning Moments

In her podcast, Vanessa shares key leadership learning moments that have shaped her journey. These timestamps highlight important topics such as overcoming challenges, embracing authenticity, and finding joy in life. Each episode provides valuable insights that can inspire and empower listeners to become

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