Balancing social justice and church and making peace with its shortcomings w/Dr Selina Stone

Balancing social justice and church and making peace with its shortcomings w/Dr Selina Stone


Leading the Change Within the Church

“I was excited about how I could lead, but not necessarily within the confines of the church space. It felt limiting and repetitive. I found myself more interested and excited about the world, even though it was painted as quite dangerous in my tradition. But I found it quite exhilarating.” – Dr Selina Stone

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Who is Dr Selina Stone?

Dr Selina Stone is a Lecturer in Theology at St Mellitus College. Through her work as a part-time freelance researcher, she combines theology and religious studies with a focus on liberation.

Currently, she is leading a research team for a project on the wellbeing of BAME/UKME Clergy within the Church of England institutions.

Dr Selina has been a Christian since a young age, and her faith has been reinforced in all aspects of her life. She has a strong connection to God.

Dr Selina’s Transition from Church Leader to Community Leader

As you’ll hear in this episode, Dr Selina had a lot of awareness when she became more involved in the church. She knew it wasn’t perfect and that things had to be different for her to fully engage. Initially, it didn’t excite her.

But as we always say on this podcast, leadership starts with oneself.

Dr Selina is a prime example of a leader who begins their leadership journey by looking inward. She understands the responsibility she has to help others and embraces it.

Her theological work, which involves helping people think critically about faith, is intertwined with her concerns about social justice and having a nuanced understanding of life.

Politics and theology work together in her quest for equality, not just for Christians, but for followers of all religions.

The Importance of Exploring Identity and Making a Difference in Society

It’s essential to explore one’s own identity while still being committed to improving society as a whole. This principle is evident in every aspect of Dr Selina’s work, including her role, where there often isn’t much room to maneuver.

Key Leadership Learning Moments

01m26s – Dr Selina’s backstory
05m59s – Having the courage to see things differently
15m33s – Dr Selina’s experience as a leader
26m10s – Finding the balance between justice and silence
36m24s – How Dr Selina makes time for herself
46m34s – Coping when prayer doesn’t yield

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