Being ‘unemployable’ and embracing it to help others grow w/Daniella Genas

Being ‘unemployable’ and embracing it to help others grow w/Daniella Genas


Daniella Genas: The Unemployable Entrepreneur

Are you ‘unemployable’ like Daniella Genas? Growing up, Daniella’s father instilled in her the belief that creating your own revenue streams, independent of having a boss, is the key to success. With a BA, MA, and MBA under her belt, Daniella Genas is a transformative business coach and consultant, experienced in helping entrepreneurs from various industries grow their businesses.

Through her strategic prowess and authority in managing people and making crucial decisions like marketing strategies, Daniella has accelerated the growth of many six-figure earners. She adds significant value to solopreneurs, mid-size companies, and large enterprises with multi-million pound turnovers.

So what is Daniella’s secret to success? She follows the STBVISSA (She’s the Boss) Model for Business Growth and Sustainability. This powerful framework, developed after years of consulting with SMEs, focuses on strategy building, operations and leadership development, marketing automation systems, and process improvement. By implementing these key components, you can gain control over all aspects related to growth.

But what is the story behind Daniella’s claim of being ‘unemployable’? Her journey takes us from starting a pop group and appearing on a hip hop talent show to becoming the UK’s Oprah and starting two businesses. Along the way, she faced challenges like theft, tribunals, and nagging parents. This episode is a testament to showing the scars and not just the injuries, with inspiring conversations around knowing oneself and accepting our place in the world when it comes to employability.

Throughout the episode, Daniella shares key leadership learning moments, including her hopes and dreams of being a pop star and UK Oprah, embracing her ‘unemployable’ nature, the experience of being sued and selling a business, the struggle of feeling successful outwardly but alone internally, the importance of impact, and her personal definition of leadership.

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