Brave New Work: Shaping Inclusive & Equitable Organisations W/David Carrigan

Brave New Work: Shaping Inclusive & Equitable Organisations W/David Carrigan


David Carrigan, the Group Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing at Sky, is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in various high-profile public sector organizations across the UK. With previous roles in the Citizens Advice Bureau (UK) and as the Director of Diversity and Belonging, International at Live Nation, David has a wealth of knowledge and insights to share.

In this insightful conversation, David and Sope dive into a range of topics, including the role of luck, timing, and nurturing curiosity in personal growth. They discuss the importance of confidence and the fear that often accompanies stepping into uncomfortable situations. David emphasizes the value of being self-critical and transforming it into a superpower for continuous improvement.

They also touch on the deceptive nature of low-hanging fruit, highlighting the need to focus on long-term, sustainable solutions rather than quick fixes. David emphasizes the significance of working in partnership with others, being humble, and mastering the art of disagreeing well.

The conversation delves into the concept of Contact Theory and its potential to reduce prejudice. David shares insights on shifting from being an activist to becoming an advocate for change, and the challenges and fatigue associated with the ongoing fight for equity and inclusion.

To connect with David and stay updated on his work and insights, you can find him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-carrigan-bb9a6726/.

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