Breaking Free From HR: A Journey Of Curiosity And Courage w/ Shaara Roman

Breaking Free From HR: A Journey Of Curiosity And Courage w/ Shaara Roman


Shaara Roman, the founder and CEO of The Silverene Group, is an award-winning culture consulting firm that specializes in aligning people, strategy, and culture to optimize organizational performance. With her extensive global experience, Shaara has been instrumental in improving workplace culture for public, private, and non-profit organizations. Her impressive background includes executive leadership positions at renowned companies such as CGI, Fannie Mae, NRECA, and Visa. Additionally, she is an esteemed adjunct professor.

In this captivating podcast episode, Shaara takes us on her extraordinary journey, shaped by her multicultural upbringing in Nigeria and diverse educational background. She shares her transition from a successful career in Human Resources (HR) to becoming an entrepreneur. Throughout the discussion, she emphasizes the value of curiosity, adaptability, and the courage to pursue fulfilling roles beyond mere job titles and financial rewards.

Shaara’s personal experiences, including learning to negotiate in Lagos markets and facing failure in her initial entrepreneurial venture, serve as valuable lessons for individuals navigating their own professional paths.

The episode also delves into the crucial aspects of corporate culture and leadership. Shaara highlights the importance of companies being intentional about their culture, staying connected with their employees, and constantly reevaluating their direction. Using Chobani as an exemplary company, she provides insights that listeners can apply in their own workplaces. By emphasizing the significance of modeling the right behavior and holding people accountable, Shaara provides a comprehensive understanding of the often overlooked aspects of corporate culture.

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