Channelling Frustration to Tackle Racism and Underrepresentation in Sports and Media w/Leon Mann

Channelling Frustration to Tackle Racism and Underrepresentation in Sports and Media w/Leon Mann


Leon Mann: Leading the Change in Tackling Racism in Sport

Leon Mann, a highly experienced content producer with a background in the media production industry, is making waves in the campaign to eradicate racism in sport. With his skills as a screenwriter and film producer, Leon has become a highly influential figure in this space and has been recognized as an influencer in the fight against racism.

In a recent conversation with Rodney Hinds from The Voice newspaper, Leon shared his mission to combat whitewashing in football through the creation of the Football ‘Blacklist’. This groundbreaking initiative aims to shed light on the contributions of the black community to the UK Premier League football and bring attention to the lack of representation at the board level.

During the episode, Leon reveals the shocking extent to which the black community has influenced and shaped UK Premier League football. He also delves into his own journey and how he developed his philosophy and leadership skills to drive change.

Here are some key moments from the conversation:

– At a young age, Leon had aspirations to make a difference and used those aspirations as motivation throughout his career.
– Leon’s philosophy was shaped by his experiences and the realization that there was a need for action in combating racism in sport.
– Journalism became Leon’s platform to raise awareness and create networks that would support his mission.
– Building networks has been crucial in Leon’s campaign, allowing him to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations.
– Leon’s main driver in this campaign is the desire to make a positive impact and eradicate racism from the sports industry.
– Dealing with frustration and challenges has been a part of Leon’s journey, but he remains committed to his cause.
– Through his filmmaking, Leon uses storytelling as a powerful tool to educate and inspire change.
– Leon shares his views on racism in football and the importance of addressing this issue head-on.

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