Cultivating Confidence: Why It’s Not Tied To Skill with Marilyn Zakhour

Cultivating Confidence: Why It’s Not Tied To Skill with Marilyn Zakhour


Marilyn Zakhour, the founder and CEO of Cosmic Centaurs, a leading consulting and technology company, has an impressive career history. She has served as the Chief Marketing Officer of EMAAR, one of the largest real estate companies globally, and as the Head of Dubai Opera. In this episode, Marilyn discusses how confidence, rather than just competence, has propelled her into such prestigious positions.

At Cosmic Centaurs, Marilyn and her team specialize in helping organizations build and reimagine the future of work and learning through consulting, training, insights, and technology. With experience working with companies of all sizes, Marilyn knows how to bring the agility and innovation of small startups to larger corporations. Additionally, she is the host of the award-winning Who Run The World podcast.

During the conversation, Marilyn and Sope explore various topics, including her mother’s influence as a pioneer and role model in Lebanon. Marilyn also shares the valuable lessons she learned from her leadership journey, emphasizing the importance of middle management in scaling organizations. She discusses the concept of “If There’s No Solution, Then There’s No Problem,” highlighting the importance of finding creative solutions in challenging situations.

Furthermore, Marilyn advocates for moving away from hyper specialization and drawing inspiration from various industries and environments. She emphasizes the significance of creating personal rules for handling failure and regret, and why emotions should be acknowledged and not suppressed. Additionally, Marilyn draws parallels between “bicycle face” and “imposter syndrome,” offering unique insights into these phenomena.

To connect with Marilyn Zakhour, you can visit her LinkedIn profile at
For more information about Cosmic Centaurs, their website can be found at http://www.cosmiccentaurs.com/. Marilyn can also be reached on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/permanenthunger/?hl=en.

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