Doing What You Are Called To Do w/Dr Grant Tate

Doing What You Are Called To Do w/Dr Grant Tate


Are you doing what you’re called to do?

“My grandmother once told me, this is my father’s mother. If you have a talent and you’re not using it, it’s a sin. She attended a small country church, which set the bar really high.”

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Who is Dr. Grant Tate?

Trusted advisor and business expert, Dr. Grant Tate has authored a book titled “Hand on the Shoulder: Finding Freedom in the Confluence of Love and Career” to help individuals find fulfillment in their careers. With over two decades of operational experience at top levels across organizations ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations and even politicians, Dr. Tate shares his life experiences as an entrepreneur.

This memoir seamlessly combines various stories to provide insights not only on achieving success but also on how to get there. In this episode, Sope delves deep into the mind of this inspirational leader, where the central theme revolves around discovering one’s calling.

And it turns out, the book plays a significant role in answering that question.

“About a year ago, a publisher contacted me and asked if I had ever considered writing a book after seeing some of my writing. I replied, sure, everybody has thought about it. Then, we had three different meetings… and I eventually decided that I didn’t want to write the 50,001st business book, as that’s how many are published every year. But let’s examine my experiences. This decision was reinforced when I asked many of my friends and contacts what they would like to see in a book, and they responded with, how did you get to where you are?”

Surrounding yourself with the right people – an important part of leadership

This conversation is not solely focused on business matters.

As usual, Sope utilizes his expert leadership skills to guide Dr. Grant Tate through his vulnerabilities and encourage him to share some of his less favorable personal experiences and the lessons he learned from them.

The topic of friends and relationships provides impactful insights.

Overall, this episode is crucial for anyone seeking to understand the role leadership plays in the context of family and relationships.

Key leadership learning moments

01m31s – Stepping out of your comfort zone and the questions Dr. Grant Tate asked that led to the book

04m50s – Key lessons learned from being the little kid in class

07m20s – Responsibilities towards family

12m50s – Criticism over IBM

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