Embracing life’s detours to become your best self w/Chenelle Ansah

Embracing life’s detours to become your best self w/Chenelle Ansah


As long as you show up and put in the effort, life will be alright. These words of wisdom from Chenelle Ansah serve as a reminder that success comes to those who work hard and stay committed to their goals.

If your aspirations don’t overwhelm you, then they may not be ambitious enough. Chenelle’s own goals are so big that they leave her in awe of what she’s trying to accomplish – transforming the market and shaping the future.

Chenelle Ansah is an investor and consultant who is passionate about providing capital opportunities to founders from diverse backgrounds. As a Partner at Cornerstone Partners, she focuses on investing in black founders from the UK and ensuring they lead the way in new Fintech opportunities and bank mergers and acquisitions across Europe. She is also the Founder and Managing Director of Nell Consulting, where she specializes in strategy work related to financial disruption and scaling operations in growing companies.

Chenelle’s journey started in the world of entertainment, where she danced for family and friends. However, a pivotal conversation with a parent redirected her focus towards a career in finance. Her path was far from linear, but she eventually found herself immersed in the world of neo banking, which was a game-changer for businesses in the UK. Through her work with these banks, she gained expertise in systemizing such businesses.

Throughout the conversation, it becomes evident that faith is at the core of Chenelle’s life and work, much like Sope Agbelusi, the host of the “Everyday Leadership” podcast. Chenelle believes that her life has already been predetermined, and she is simply following the path laid out for her. This belief empowers her to live a life that others can only dream of.

The episode covers key moments in Chenelle’s leadership journey, including her passion for fashion, transition into business finance and investments, and her role at Cornerstone Partners. She also discusses her Big Audacious Goals and how she deals with the overwhelming nature of such aspirations.

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