Heart Centred Leadership in the Modern Working Culture w/Abigail Wilmore

Heart Centred Leadership in the Modern Working Culture w/Abigail Wilmore


The Importance of the Employee Voice in Today’s Workplace

In the past, employees were often relegated to tasks like photocopying and making coffee during their first year of employment. However, times have changed, and the employee voice is becoming much louder. Younger generations are no longer willing to settle for menial tasks and are demanding a more meaningful and impactful role within their organizations.

Abigail Wilmore, a Chief People Officer and certified Executive/Performance Success Coach, understands the value of the employee voice. As a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, she specializes in promoting heart-centered, kind leadership, sustainability, and values-led people strategy creation. She believes in diversity, equality, culture, engagement, positive energy networking, global change, and organization design.

But who is Abigail Wilmore? She is not only a strategic executive committee member and an animal welfare campaigner, but she is also instrumental in talent and leadership development and performance-driven wellbeing strategy. Her expertise and experience make her a valuable asset to any organization looking to prioritize their employees’ needs and aspirations.

This episode of the Everyday Leadership podcast features Abigail Wilmore as a guest. As the Chief People Officer at her company, it is her responsibility to define and implement the people strategy, ensuring that the ethical, sustainable, and responsible elements of the brand are ingrained in their people and culture agenda.

Abigail’s journey to her current role is an interesting one. Raised in an unconventional household, with an artist and makeup artist mother and a mathematician and teacher father, she was encouraged to be herself and speak up for what she believed in. Her passion for ballet and fashion also played a significant role in shaping her career path.

Throughout the episode, Abigail shares key leadership learning moments, including her shift from ballet to the fashion industry, the skills that helped her succeed, her experience interviewing with Gucci Group, her definition of human resources, and tips for creating a great working culture.

One of the key topics discussed is heart-centered leadership. Abigail explains what it means and why it is essential in the modern working culture. She also discusses the changes needed to lead teams effectively and shares her biggest leadership lessons.

If you’re interested in learning more about Abigail Wilmore and her insights on leadership, make sure to listen to the full episode. You can find Abigail’s links, including her LinkedIn profile and the organizations she is associated with, in the episode description.

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