Moving Beyond Being Noticed To Being Valued with Abi Adamson

Moving Beyond Being Noticed To Being Valued with Abi Adamson


Today, we delve into the experiences of a Black woman navigating the corporate world. Despite her hard work and impactful contributions, Abi Adamson, the award-winning Founder & DEI Director of The Diversity Partnership (TDP), often found herself overlooked and undervalued.

Abi Adamson is a renowned figure in the field of diversity and inclusion. Featured in the New York Times as one of the “Stars of Black LinkedIn,” she is recognized as a thought leader in this space. Having developed global DEI culture strategies for major companies like American Express, Google, Spotify, and Wise, Abi has earned the trust of the media and has been featured in top publications such as the Metro, Training Journal, People Management, and HR Zone.

During our conversation, Abi sheds light on various topics, including her journey in film production and her desire to avoid the stereotype of a struggling artist. She also discusses the challenges of hiring equitably and the prevalence of nepotism in the corporate world. Despite her competence and evidence of success, Abi shares the frustration of not being seen as equal to her peers.

Furthermore, Abi shares her decision to prioritize peace of mind over pursuing legal action and financial compensation. She emphasizes the power of embracing her Nigerian identity and discusses the struggle of not being able to switch off one’s cultural heritage. Abi offers insights into utilizing inner strength during difficult times and highlights the transformative power of a video she posted on LinkedIn, encouraging others to use their voices.

Lastly, Abi explores the concept of humble bragging and the importance of learning how to showcase one’s accomplishments without coming across as arrogant.

To connect with Abi Adamson, visit her LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/abiadamson/ or explore her website at https://www.thediversitypartnership.org/.

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