Why Successful Leaders Need To Be Calculated Risk Takers with Matt Hoffman

Why Successful Leaders Need To Be Calculated Risk Takers with Matt Hoffman


Matt Hoffman: Building High-Performing Teams for Startup Success

Matt Hoffman, the Head of Talent and a Partner at M13, is a seasoned expert in building startups and understands the importance of high-performing teams in elevating individuals. With a strong passion for creating innovative and authentic cultures that can scale with the business, Matt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to high-growth start-up organizations. By implementing the best People Ops strategies, he empowers and inspires employees to do their best work, creating an environment where talent thrives and innovation flourishes.

Certified as a Hudson executive coach, Matt possesses the skills to develop talent and build amazing companies by focusing on the talented humans who make them great. With his extensive background and dedication, Matt is well-equipped to make a significant impact in any startup organization he works with.

Prior to his current role, Matt built and led the People functions at DigitalOcean and Return Path, both recognized as top workplaces in New York City and the United States.

During his leadership journey, Matt has had numerous learning moments that have shaped his approach and perspective. Here are some key timestamps from his experiences:

– Keys to a Great Place to Work! (00:03:11:14)
– Leadership in Fast-Paced Environments (00:04:19:16)
– Going Back to a Teenage Matt (00:05:59:19)
– Creating His Own Firm (00:08:06:04)
– Changes in Matt’s Perspective (00:08:59:18)
– A Father of 3 Daughters (00:10:08:00)
– Work-Life Balance – A Myth? (00:12:01:01)
– Tensions – Remote Work vs. In-Person (00:13:56:21)
– Challenges in Remote Work (00:16:07:09)
– College Degree – Not a Good Financial Investment? (00:18:20:16)
– Hiring People Without College Degrees (00:20:45:07)
– Coping With Mistakes (00:23:57:22)
– Trying Out New Things! (00:27:00:13)
– AI vs People (00:28:18:02)
– The Shift to Remote Work (00:30:40:03)
– Companies Should Invest in Development! (00:32:56:17)
– Understanding Development for Executives (00:35:39:

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